(Registered with West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961, Reg. No. – S/1L/77418 of 2010- 2011)

Kolkata Diabetes and Endocrinology was formed in 2011 with the purpose of bringing research to practice and evidence to clinics. Most importantly to extend modern diabetes care to the masses and less privileged.  Best care in diabetes can not be the privilege of few as this disease has taken epidemic proportion in India with 63 million people affected. More importantly the disease happens almost a decade earlier than western population meaning serious financial burden and possibility of ill health in very productive years of life. If uncared Diabetes can cause complications to our vital organs like heart, kidney, eyes and predispose to infection, stroke and heart attack. One person dies every 8 seconds due to diabetes/ diabetes related problem worldwide. 1 million amputations are done every year worldwide. Diabetic foot problems affect 15% of all diabetic patients at some point of their life and diabetic foot problem constitute 25 to 50% of admissions of diabetic patients. 70% of cardiac interventions are on diabetic patients.

 Indian study show that 25% of the study group never heard of diabetes. 40% did not know that diabetes can be prevented and 50% had poor control of diabetes. Diabetes can reduce survival by 6 to 7 years if not treated well. On the other hand can give 15 to 20 years of complication free life if managed well. Diabetes is still the commonest cause of blindness worldwide.

With this information in mind, Kolkata Diabetes and Endocrinology Forum wishes to reach the poorest of the poor in giving best care in diabetes to prevent complications in them as that would immensely harm their fragile economic position anyway.


The FORUM also proposes to urge for Universal Ambulance Service and Universal Emergency Service for the city of Kolkata.